TLC Students reach the final at JA Cyprus Innovation camp


TLC Students reach the final at JA Cyprus Innovation camp

“On Friday 18th January 2019, seven students from TLC Private School travelled to Nicosia with Miss Valentina, Mr Marinos and Mr Watts to participate in the Junior Achievement Bi-Communal Innovation Camp. This annual event draws together students from both North Cyprus and the Republic and places them in groups that are then posed a challenge. This year they were challenged to consider, if they started a business, what kind of innovative product, service or solution would they develop if they were cultural entrepreneurs. They would later, in front of an audience of 200 – 250 people, explain what their business would offer, the challenges they would face and how information and communication technology would be used to help them achieve their goals. The business has to be commercially viable and not dependent on public funds.

The students worked in groups to consider and tackle their challenge. They had to present their business and product to a group of senior government officials as well as university staff and managers from the sponsoring ASTRO Bank, who then poised questions before deciding on which teams would go to the final and eventually win the honour for this year. The winners then go forward to work in an international environment, with other winners from around the world.

This event is essentially an opportunity for our students to engage in a very high level, business studies activity with like-minded students. It was wonderful to see TLC students completely engage with other students, working with them to rise to what was a highly complex academic challenge that had to be completed against the clock, for presentation to an audience. Just like last year, the presentations were impressive and showcased some highly effective communication between students throughout the day.

Like last year, TLC had students in groups that reached the final with Adriana Pyrgou being in the third placed team.

For the three staff who accompanied the group it was a proud day! From the moment we left school at 6am until our return at 10pm, the students demonstrated the strength of relationships that are a feature of our school. Their courtesy and respect for one another, their spirit of cooperation and determination, their academic and social skills and that vital ingredient of fun made this school trip a very rewarding experience for all even if the staff were talked into a McDonald’s stop on the return trip!

Well done to Jade Phillips, Adrianna Pyrgou, Hung Vu Quang, Taylor Hargett, Elias Hoy, George Kuzmin and Tom Kingsland and on behalf of the Directors, thanks to our Vice-Principal, Miss Valentina and to Mr Marinos our Business Studies and Accountancy Teacher for arranging and supporting the trip and what was a very long day at the end of a busy week in school.