Saturday School & Extracurricular Activities

Some might say that school from Monday to Friday is enough but we have plenty of students as well as busy mums and dads who think that school on Saturday School is a great idea!

Saturday School isn’t like a normal school day but the chance for students to take part in fun, yet educational activities which the packed weekly curriculum doesn’t leave time for.

From the start of the new school year, TLC Private School will be extending the range of activities it offers at its Saturday School and other Extracurricular activities. If your child wants to join in fun activities which include art and crafts, sport, drama, tennis, football, gymnastics and music lessons. Should you require more information, please contact us by completing the inquiry form provided below.

Saturday School

Keyboard and Vocal Lessons

These lessons are offered by Maria Outram, our talented and experienced music teacher. Lessons can be for thirty minutes or an hour.

Pirate Club

Pirate themed learning activities include: Pirate crafts, Pirate poetry, Pirate quizzes, Songs,  dance and much more

Extracurricular Activities

TLC Community Football Club

With training and competitive matches, it’s the perfect opportunity for budding football stars to practice their individual and team skills.

Robotics Club

Explore the foundations of robotics… engineering design and programming! Encourage and enhance your child’s maths and technology skills at TLC’s Robotics Club. Children will learn how to build LEGO mind storm robots and program them!

STEM Science: Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

There are no greater natural scientists and engineers than young children. In our STEM club the students will enjoy a hands-on approach to Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. During constructive activities, children will begin to develop questioning, reasoning, hypothesizing, and problem solving skills. This kind of intellectual learning takes place through natural interaction with real things in the child’s environment.

Art Club

Art Club offers a diverse range of media exploration, including; drawing, painting, collage, clay, construction and textiles. Students can explore their creative ideas and talents through a variety of art activities that differ week to week or may choose to work independently on a given project.

Sports Club

Students will enjoy learning the skills of sporting activities such as cricket, rounders, football, dodge ball and hockey. In addition to developing their tactical understanding of the different sports, the children will also develop their cooperation and team work skills.


For more information please complete the form below or  CLICK HERE to download the TLC Extracurricular Activities and Saturday Club timetable.



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