Welcome from Jill & Chris Watts, Directors

We launched TLC in September 2010 in response to direct approaches from expatriate parents of children in Peyia, our home village.

Jill Watts, Director

Jill Watts, Director

Chris Watts, Director

Chris Watts, Director

“The best way to predict the future is to create it!”

Peter Drucker, Author, Professor and Management Consultant.

After having conversations with parents it was clear that there was potential to operate a private Peyia-based school that offered a small school ethos in a safe and picturesque setting where every child matters.  From those humble beginnings we have faced many obstacles but throughout, we have remained committed to the original concept of inclusive, first language English schools with small classes and competitive fees.

“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.”

–  Brad Henry

We now have 40 enthusiastic and dedicated staff in an international community of students in an architect designed, Ministry approved building.

Student numbers have risen dramatically and we operate full or close to full. We are a registered examination centre for Edexcel and an approved centre for Cambridge so we are able to offer a wide range of examinations that can be taken at our school. As we mature as an organisation, the scope of what we are able to offer students continues to increase – just as it has since September 2010.

Our continuing investment saw additional facilities open up in September 2015, with extended Early Years accommodation to provide a separate Reception Classroom, improved 6th form accommodation and dedicated space to support students for whom English is not their first language. The investment also includes a small multi-use hall/theatre for drama, dance, meetings, dining, etc.

The law in Cyprus is that a school must be licensed by the Ministry of Education and Culture, and TLC has this status – indeed it is the first and only private, licensed school in Peyia.

We worked very hard indeed with the Ministry’s officers and staff to secure this critical, licensed status to ensure security, progression and continuity for our students. By joining us you have peace of mind that you are joining an approved, legal organisation which is supported and inspected by the Ministry.

Some parents wonder why we sometimes refer to TLC as schools (plural). This is because the licensing process in Cyprus recognises each of the Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary schools as separate, accountable entities. The reality in school is that our small community is one happy, harmonious organisation with common policies and procedures.

In addition to providing the three schools that make up TLC Private School we also hold a Ministry license to operate a frontistiria that is known as TLC Private Institute. The institute operates in the afternoons and Saturdays for all nationalities, including Cypriot and supports students who wish to have extra tuition or simply study for an international or Pancyprian examination. Adults are welcome also!

We are proud of our students, teachers and of course, our parents who entrust their children to us. In addition, we have enormous support from the local community and the educational world beyond Cyprus through the prior experiences that we had in our UK headships. We enjoy a fruitful relationship with a number of universities and education-related organisations in England. We can offer advice and guidance throughout the process of application for University places, including accommodation at a student’s chosen place of study.

Our relationships with other well established private schools on the island offers additional opportunities from sport to academic challenge. Our identification of six students who meet the criteria for membership of MENSA (the international high intelligence society) shows how importantly we take our responsibilities to identify the potential of all our students.

“Nothing is more wonderful, or more to be celebrated, than something that will unlock a person’s capacities and allow him to grow and think”

– Sacks 1990

The majority of our new admissions are from recommendations which is of encouragement to us. Why do people choose our school? Reasons that we are given include, location, structure, vision, quality of staff and standards, but above all, it’s because children are happy to be here. Time and time again we are told of how our small school community has allowed someone’s child to blossom. Allow us to take your child on a journey of physical, emotional, social and academic progress in a place where every child matters. Our results show that students who stay longest at our school, achieve the best results in examinations.

* Chris Watts was Head of a school in the UK that was a case study within a Government Green Paper ‘Every Child Matters’. His school was at the forefront of national and local initiatives and he worked, as a Headteacher, Ofsted Inspector and Local Authority Advisor to support the development of community-facing schools.