TLC Music Recital

On 17th October, we held our first Musical Recital, a new initiative which allows our very talented musicians to have the chance to perform in front of an intimate and appreciative audience.

We are indebted to Mrs Outram, our Musical Director who had wanted to bring this style of musical event to TLC for some time.

Many classical pieces were performed including an emotional rendition of Strauss’ Blue Danube, The Cat from Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf, Henry VIII’s Greensleeves and Beethoven’s Fur Elise amongst other works.

The whole afternoon had a very refined air to it, accompanied by tea and cakes. The event attracted many students, parents and teachers eager to hear the performances and the soloists didn’t disappoint!

You’ll be delighted to hear that Mrs Outram is planning a Christmas concert with some of the performers from this week’s event but hopefully with the addition of other budding musicians.


IMG_4087    IMG_4094