TLC boasts 100% pass rate – IGCSE English Literature Exams


TLC is proud to announce the entire Year 11 English Literature class have achieved great results in their recent IGCSE English Literature exam with a 100% pass rate.

Students are:

· Nikolas Covey
· Taylor Hargett
· Vasili Levit
· Emma Gregoriade
· Lydia Gregoriade
· Tom Kingsland
· Jaz Keats




The grades include A grades for Nikolas Covey, Vasili Levit and Taylor Hargett.

Our students are thrilled with their achievement, especially as they took the exam six months early, and the news has fired them up to do even better for the remainder of the exams taking place in May and June. Exams are not just a test of knowledge and understanding, but a test of their determination to achieve.

I congratulate all of our students for the hard work that is reflected in these outstanding results.

I would like to thank their teachers, as well as parents, for their support.

Well done to all of you!

David Lewis
Principal | TLC Private School