Head Students & Prefects Award Ceremony



TLC Private School is fortunate to have a very strong sixth form comprised of determined, hardworking and caring students. This made the task of appointing the Head Boy and Head Girl, together with their deputies, very difficult for the panel of teachers, student council and their fellow sixth formers.

After submitting detailed and persuasive applications, all the students were asked to expand on them through questioning by the senior management and students.

The results of the secret vote were close but we are pleased to announce the appointment of Ann Katrin Olsen as Head Girl and Elias Hoy as Head Boy. Supporting them in their duties through the year will be Lydia Gregoriade as Deputy Head Girl and Frank Zhang as Deputy Head Boy.

At the same time, Emma Gregoriade, Sarah Koring and and George Kuzmin were appointed as Prefects.

An outdoor assembly was held today, introducing these students to the whole school. These students were awarded with badges and certificates to mark their achievements.

The incumbents are looking forward to their important roles within TLC and you will have the chance to meet them at the various school events planned through the coming year.