Our highly popular and successful Kindergarten and Reception classes are now taking registrations for September. Register early to secure your child’s place.[click here]


Children enter into our primary school at the beginning of the year in which they reach 6 years of age. We call this Year 1 and it is the first of 6 years leading up to secondary education.  [click here]


A student’s secondary experience begins at the age of 12 when they enter into Year 7. During the first 3 years of study (Years 7-9) pupils receive a broad general education. [click here]

TLC Kindergarten: The Best Start in Life for Your Child

Exciting changes are taking place at TLC’s Kindergarten in readiness for the new academic year. With growing numbers, an extension to the outdoor play areas was needed and this summer we have been hard at work adding more opportunities for learning outdoors through play. When we open our doors in September, Kindergarten and Reception classes will be amazed at the new facilities.

Inside the classroom, our experienced and highly qualified teachers work hard to maintain our reputation for high quality early years education which sees the children acquire and develop their communication and social skills through the UK National Curriculum’s Early Years Learning and Development Goals programme.

Our Kindergarten and Reception classes offer great value UK education in small classes but spaces are limited. To find out more details or to arrange a visit, please contact us at

6th Form (16 -18 years)

Our sixth form is the flagship of our school community. It is comprised of our students who have gained success in their IGCSE exams and students who have come to us from other schools to gain their A level qualifications. [click here]

Sports & Activities

Students of all ages can enjoy a range of sports, art and other activities., In addition, our golf society includes juniors as well as seniors and we have a Football Academy that students can join. Find out more…  [click here]

Our Ethos

Teaching, Learning, Community – At TLC we have a very simple way to remember the core elements of our school ethos – the character of our school community. In a school the ethos is unseen but it must be strong! [click here]

Meet the Team

New Developments

At TLC, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the education experiences of our students. Currently we are working on three ways to do this: Sailing Club, Virtual Learning Environment, Year of the Playground[read more]

More About Us

TLC Private School is located in a quiet area, close to the small fishing harbour of Agios Georgios in an idyllic environment. The school is away from people and traffic yet close to many natural features and facilities that make Cyprus such a popular destination for expatriates. The local environment is an easily accessible teaching and learning resource, one which is used regularly by students in their studies.

Nearby we have the legacy of people who lived here hundreds and even thousands of years ago as well as the modern Orthodox culture of the island in the beautiful local church. We also have sporting links in the local community through Matchplay and the Paphos International Sailing Club, both only 500m from school.

Autumn 2016

First half 7th September 2016 – 24th October 2016
Second half 1st November 2016 – 21st December 2016
Closures No public holidays fall in term time

Spring 2017

First half
10th January 2017 – 24th February 2017
Mid Term Break 27th February 2017 – 1st March 2017
Second half
2nd March 2017 – 7th April 2017
Easter Holidays 10th April 2017 – 21st April 2017

Summer 2017

  24th April 2017 – 22nd June 2017
Closures: 1st May – May Day
5th June – Pentecost/Kataklysmos

Autumn/Winter 2017

Term 1 Return to school on 6th September 2017


Please note that TLC Private School Term Dates observe the Greek Orthodox Church’s calendar and in accordance with Ministry of Education expectations, will close on these and public holidays.

There will be some non-religious days when the Cyprus public schools are closed but TLC Private School remains open.

The above dates are accurate at the time of publication but the school reserves the right to amend them in the light of changing circumstances. Students must be in attendance at school from the first day.

Absence: Attendance is a legal requirement of all students until the legal age at which they may leave school. Attendance registers are kept in accordance with the law and actual attendance reported to parents.

Attendance is also noted on school leaving certificates. All absences must be explained by letter or email. It is important that the school is able to demonstrate its commitment to the principles and legalities of regular attendance.

Examination Students: For examination year students, additional lessons may be provided and the days of attendance will be arranged to meet the examination schedule which follows dates published across the international community of schools and is not specific to TLC Private School.

Staff are called in for training purposes (Professional Development Days) as follows:

1st & 2nd September 2015
2nd November 2015
27th & 28th June 2016

Summer School begins on 27th June and runs until 29th July

The long summer holidays seem too long to some children and many parents. To help ease the burden of entertaining children over the summer holiday, TLC will be offering its summer school programme once more from Monday 27th June to Friday 29th July.

There will be an extensive and comprehensive programme of activities including art and craft, sport, trips out, drama, music and more which will run alongside a separate programme of intensive English lessons which can also be combined with the less academic activities.

You can take part in the Summer School on a weekly basis or save money by committing to the full five week programme. For more details, complete the enquiry form.

At TLC we are committed to enriching the experience of our students by organising educational visits. These visits may be to a local venue or further afield to Paphos or the other sites of interest that are in abundance in Cyprus.

We have our own school mini-bus and a fully qualified PSV driver, Michalakis Kyriakou (Mike). Mike is a very experienced driver and is employed full time at TLC to carry out many duties which means our students know him and feel secure around him. He in turn knows the parents of those he transports to and from school each day. Mike treats our bus as his own, carrying out daily checks, cleaning it inside and out and ensuring that servicing is up to date so that you can be assured that when your child is being transported on the school mini-bus, everything has been done to help ensure their safety and comfort.

TLC Private School Transport

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Entry Requirements and Applications

School Departments

Kindergarten   More

In the English system this age group covers Nursery and Reception, with children ranging from 3 to 5 years of age.

Primary  More

Children enter into our primary school at the beginning of the year in which they reach 6 years of age. We call this Year 1 and it is the first of 6 years leading up to secondary education.

Secondary  More

All students are assigned to a Form and have a Form Tutor. It is the role of the Form Tutor to ensure that their assigned students are working hard, completing homework, wearing appropriate school uniform and attending regularly. 

Pre-School  More

This is a new and exciting provision for parents/guardians with children under 3 years of age to come and join our fun, twice weekly activities with their children.

Extended Day  More

This is a new and exciting provision for parents/guardians with children under 3 years of age to come and join our fun, twice weekly activities with their children.

Private Institute  More

Institutes are only allowed to operate for children of legal school age, in the afternoons, after their school day.

TLC Plus+  More

TLC +  draws together all our additional support whether it is for ‘Gifted and Talented’ students, those for whom English is not their first language, or those with a specific learning difference such as Dyslexia or ASD.

Vacational English  More

Many families come to Cyprus during the school holidays in their home country. In support of these families and their children, TLC can offer English tuition in small groups and to individuals.

Easter School  More

TLC’s Easter School programme currently comprises English tuition.

Summer School  More

The TLC Summer School is an approved facility. Our plans each year, including the accommodation and staffing we plan to use are scrutinised by the Social Welfare Department.

School Events

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